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10000 clicks @ 5 secs each for only $2.3!

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10000 clicks @ 5 secs each for only $2.3!

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 01, 2012 5:38 pm

I JUST OPENED A NEW PTC SITE CALLED with the offer 10000 clicks @ 5 secs each for $2.3 only!!!

My gpt username is XxHALOGENxX and many of you may know me and many may not. I currently moderate at Hillbillyclickers, Oceanbucks, Cashorpoints, Workathomegpt, Monkeydollar, PawbucksGPT, Prizes2u, PromoneyGPT, CasrocketGPT, and Luckykoin. Thanks and i hope you like the forum.

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