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Points2Shop **Great Site** Empty Points2Shop **Great Site**

Post  Cyanide on Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:37 pm

Hi all

Just to let you all know I have recently found a great site, it is called Points2Shop. They have great moderators and Administrators alike, you can earn cash as well as points, you can order emailed rewards after you hit Bronze honor level (Just order a mailed reward to your address). You can order your rewards from Amazon or withdraw your cash to PayPal or another e-banking service, oh and you can now get your money sent to you via Dwolla (Wire transfer *Available for US members only). There is also the best referral program I have ever seen $1.50 for every user that signs up (US/UK) as well as an additional 15% commission.

Don't delay, sign up today Razz

(Not too sure if this is allowed here Razz)

Oh and to everyone if you sign up under my link I will give you 100 points when you hit Gold honor level and I will sign up to every other site on this forum :)You help me and I will help you


Ref link:


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