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Post  phrvez on Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:58 pm

do quick job or post job Logo Guidelines FAQ

Who is a Worker and who is an Employer? What are Campaigns and what is a task? How everything works?

Because we call jobs "micro jobs", Workers could also be called "Micro Jobs".
Plain Jobs are jobs that could be finished quick in most cases in couple of minutes.

Make sure to read Frequently asked questions too


Employers are people who need help getting something done.
Employers start new campaigns and look for workers.

Guidelines for Employers

When starting a Campaign, employers should comply with our guidelines:

A Campaign must be well described, understandable and suitable for general audience.
Must not require any illegal activities and must not be harmful in any way.
Employers should understand that each Campaign is basically a job offered to a number of people.
When reviewing finished tasks submitted by Workers, Employers should use fair judgement; if submitted task is finished as required, Employer must mark such task as "satisfied". If a task did not satisfy requirements, Employer must mark such task as "not satisfied".
Employers will only pay for tasks that satisfied requirements ("satisfied"). microjobs-world does not charge any money of fees for tasks that did not meet requirements set by Employers. do quick job or post job Logo

Campaigns guidelines

Campaigns could also be referred to as "jobs". Every Campaign consist of requirements, how many Workers needed (positions) and amount Workers will earn. When Workers accept a job they will have to submit a proof that they finished this job.

Every Campaign must meet conditions bescribed below.

It is OK to ask Workers to

OK Write an Article
OK Discuss your product or service in a forum
OK Follow you on Twitter
OK Sell forum signatures to you
OK Blog about your product
OK Put your banner on their website
OK Upload videos to where you want
OK Digg your website
OK Join a Facebook group
OK Add someone to Facebook, Myspace, etc. friends list
OK Vote for you
OK Sign up with your referral link
OK Tell their opinion

Payments - deposits

You can deposit money to Microjobs-world using these methods:


All Deposits are Non Refundable.

If you would like to deposit large amount of money,
please contact us
[url=""]Visit My Website[/url]


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