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Too much sites?

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Too much sites? Empty Too much sites?

Post  woopsy1212 on Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:02 am

The reason I subscribed here (besides the reward ofcours Smile ), is the problem with the forced offers when you sign up for an program.

It happened 7 times to me now that I signed up, had to do an offer to get rewarded, get to the offers, and guess what......not enough offers.
Only new sign ups and ofcourse you get only rewarded for THAT one, when you compleet an offer...
And so on.

Almost all the sites have the same offers and you can only do them once,(or once a day) as we all know.
Ten minutes ago I signed up, had to do an offer (really? Yeah..!) and when I was looking for the offers it seemed the site is in prelaunch, so no offers.
Bye bye rewards for the sign up, bye bye lot of time signing up, register and so on.

I think this kind of programs are killing themselves with WAY to many new programs.
That would be a shame because I like the fun and fast pay-out.
So I stick with my 4 favorites and I hope they will be around for a long time!

Just my 2 cents.




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